The Preservation Rightsizing Network (PRN) works in legacy cities to preserve local heritage and revitalize the built environment. We provide ways to engage, share best practices, and develop new tools to strengthen communities for the future. We are a diverse group of preservation advocates & planners working in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New York and more of America’s legacy cities.  Major projects include:

Action Agenda coverAction Agenda for Historic Preservation in Legacy Cities: This groundbreaking report lays out a framework for building on legacy cities’ unique built assets and community heritage. Download the Action Agenda here and watch our legacy city preservation video here!

Preservation in Legacy Cities Toolkit: We are developing a collection of best practices, case studies, and practical tools that preservationists and non-preservationists alike will find useful. Learn more.

National Legacy City Preservation Conference: PRN is a proud cosponsor of Neighborhoods in America’s Legacy Cities: A Dialogue in Detroit, which will convene preservationists, policymakers, planners, developers, and allies in Detroit September 13-16, 2016. Learn more at the conference website. We hope you’ll join us! With Live6 and the Legacy Cities Partnership, PRN is also organizing a pre-conference workshop in the Livernois corridor that is open to a limited number of conference attendees.