The Preservation in Rightsizing Cities Toolkit is a new initiative of the Preservation Rightsizing Network to support the work of a diverse preservation community in legacy cities from Chicago to Baltimore to Detroit and beyond. This initiative is intended to support a key goal of the Preservation Rightsizing Network to develop and share practical tools for constructively engaging in and influencing local planning processes and local strategies, with the goal of creating more livable communities and laying a foundation for the revitalization of historic neighborhoods.

We hope this toolkit will help preservationists, both volunteers and professionals, to broaden their understanding of rightsizing and preservation, learn about how legacy communities around the country are engaging with preservation issues, and locate the tools and resources. We invite you to join us in building and maintaining this resource by sharing experiences, ideas and examples from your communities.

Please contact Melissa Jest ( if you would like to be part of the committee working on the beta version of the toolkit.