The Preservation Rightsizing Network (PRN) works in legacy cities to preserve local heritage and revitalize the built environment. We provide ways to engage, share best practices, and develop new tools to strengthen communities for the future.

The PRN is sponsored by the Rightsizing Cities Initiative at PlaceEconomics and Baltimore Heritage.

Leadership Team

Cara Bertron, Chair
Real Estate Lab Coordinator, SCIDpda | Seattle, WA

Anne Englot
Professor of Architecture and Humanities, Rutgers University | Newark, NJ

Emilie Evans
Director of Rightsizing Cities Initiative, PlaceEconomics | New York, NY

Nicholas Hamilton
Director of Urban Policy, The American Assembly | New York, NY

Eli Pousson
Director of Preservation and Outreach, Baltimore Heritage | Baltimore, MD

Brad White
Associate Director, Alphawood Foundation; Advisory Council on Historic Preservation | Chicago, IL