Eight practitioners gave lightning talks at the Right Size, Right Place Forum on September 11, 2013. The talks tackled topics from community-driven technology to historic district nominations to citwyide preservation strategies. Most of the presentations – given with 15 slides at 20 seconds per slide – are available here for review, though not in timed format. Click on each presentation for a full-screen view.

Michael Allen of the Preservation Research Office described improbable  – but not impossible – historic districts in St. Louis:

Faye Anderson of Tracking Change gave an overview of All That Philly Jazz, an initiative that leverages technology to explore the unsung history of a Philadelphia community:

Matt Cole of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago discussed theories of neighborhood change, and how they apply to a unique local building typology:

Emilie Evans of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Michigan Historic Preservation Network gave an Instagram tour of Detroit:

Margo Warminski of the Cincinnati Preservation Association talked about revitalization strategies being tested and applied in Cincinnati:

Brad White of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation offered a glimpse of the findings of the ACHP’s Rightsizing Task Force:

Additional presenters included Donovan Rypkema of PlaceEconomics and Katelyn Wright of the Greater Syracuse Land Bank.