PRN is seeking volunteers to serve on essential committees and support upcoming one-time events. If you are interested, please read the descriptions below and contact the appropriate committee chair.


The Communications Committee does the outward-looking work of the PRN. It assembles regular e-newsletters, maintains the website, coordinates blog postings from diverse voices, updates the organization’s Facebook page with relevant news, and guides general graphic and text communications with our members and other partners.

Are you media savvy and a great writer with an eagerness to think creatively? If you love keeping up with cool happenings in legacy cities – or want a reason to – the Communications Committee provides great opportunities to identify projects and individuals for sharing on social media, creating or soliciting potential blog posts from leaders in the field, and much more. To volunteer, contact Cara Bertron at

  • Manage social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Edit newsletter
  • Coordinate blogs – brainstorm potential blog posts and authors, coordinate outreach
  • Write blogs – one-time, occasional, or regular
  • Update website


The Convening Committee keeps the PRN engaged in multidisciplinary conversations about the present and future of preservation and legacy cities. From vacant property conferences to large preservation gatherings to small-scale dialogues, the Convening Committee assembles proposals and panels to explore a thoughtful, pragmatic perspective on legacy city preservation. The committee also coordinates PRN-led workshops and meetings.

This is a great opportunity to think creatively about participatory opportunities for the PRN to engage in. To volunteer, contact Emilie Evans at

  • Track conferences and calls for papers, help write abstracts
  • Site/event-specific: Help organize PRN meetings (i.e. NPC in DC)
    • Brainstorm locations, call ahead to reserve spaces, etc.
    • Be in-person support, if possible, to welcome people, etc.


The Development Committee supports the organizational growth and development of the PRN through fundraising. Our current focus is raising funds to support a staff member. We research and write grants, develop concept notes, and approach potential funders.

If you have a keen interest in thinking big, making creative connections with funders, or hammering out solid grant proposals, the Development Committee could use your skills. Be a part of making the PRN sustainable by helping to find grant opportunities, drafting grants, and shaping a strategic approach to funders. To volunteer, contact Cara Bertron at

  • Research relevant grants, foundations, and other funding opportunities
  • Help draft grants
  • Strategize approaches to other funders


The Education Committee develops new tools for on-the-ground use by preservationists and allies, and coordinates information-sharing between network members. Our current major project is the creation of an online preservation toolkit, which will present an expanding range of tools, programs, and policies for tackling common legacy city issues.

Do you know about innovative preservation-based programs and projects happening in legacy cities, or have a strong interest in learning? Join the Education Committee to help finalize the toolkit, get the word out broadly, and reach out to local and national practitioners, academics, and others about contributing items and making the toolkit even more useful.

  • Stay tuned for volunteer roles with the Education Committee!